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Se cerchi ispirazione per qualche altro episodio da ascoltare, tratto da altri podcast, questa è la pagina giusta da tenere sott’occhio!
Ogni volta che mi capiterà di trovare qualche argomento interessante, qualche storia ispiratrice, qualche intervista affascinante, non mancherò di segnalarla sulle pagine social di La Dinamica Podcast e di aggiungerla a questa pagina.

Capiterà che spesso saranno in inglese (in americano, per la precisione): vedilo anche come uno stimolo per migliorare la tua padronanza della lingua! 😉

American Alpine Club Podcast

As the editor of Accidents in North American Climbing, Pete Takeda is ready to talk about new trends in climbing accidents that he’s seen over the course of editing the 2023 edition of the book. With the most recent edition of ANAC freshly sent off to the printer, Pete has some insightful takeaways on the kinds of accidents we should all be paying attention to in our current climbing landscape. Things get a little emotional, existential, and even a little dark, but ultimately we talk about how crowding at our crags, Youtube climbing education, and even grades are contributing to new types of climbing accidents. After all, as Pete says: “gravity speaks with an eloquence rarely found on Youtube.”
But Pete’s also seen trends in the way that the climbing community comes together in the face of horrible tragedy. It’s the combination of both these high consequence accidents, and the community, that makes climbing so real. Get a sneak peek of the newest edition of Accidents in North American Climbing by listening in!

American Alpine Club Podcast

In April of 2020, Anna lost her friend in an avalanche while the two were splitboarding Mt. Taylor.
In this episode, we sat down with Anna to have a profoundly raw and elegant conversation about her experience of the accident, how the trauma of the avalanche changed her relationship to backcountry snowboarding and skiing culture, reflections on the toxic narratives of shame and blame that often still persist around outdoor tragedies, and her personal journey as she learns (and continues learning) to navigate her post-avalanche world.

Totally Deep Podcast

Episode 106 features Jeremy Jones, a longtime boundary pusher in the snowboard scene. Jones’ involvement in the sport takes many paths; business owner, steep riding pioneer, and political activist as the founder of POW (Protect Our Winters). After decades of experience, Jones finally put his thoughts to paper — he recently published his first book, The Art of Shralpinism — Lessons From The Mountains.
Think of the book as part memoir, part manual for best practices in the mountains, part art book, and an ode to finding joy by making turns.

The SnowBrains Podcas

Intervista molto interessante con il direttore esecutivo dello Utah Avalanche Center, Chad Brackelsberg. Dal minuto 35, in particolare, una chiara disamina dei pro e contro degli airbag da valanga. Ma anche il resto dell’intervista è estremamente ricca di spunti di riflessione.

Utah Avalanche Center Podcast

In this podcast, we sit down with none other than Ian McCammon.
Discussed in this episode: ALPTRUTh; Lemons; FACETS; buried weak layers of assumptions; future lines of avalanche inquiry; airbag vs avy education; The test of all knowledge is experiment; have your best day!

Alcuni del argomenti trattati in questo episodio sono stati oggetto dell’intervista con Anselmo Cagnati, che trovi su La Dinamica Podcast, ovviamente!